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Reach me urgently

I apologize for getting in touch with you in this manner. My name is Didan Wanjugu Kimathi and I am a senior independent auditor with the Bank of Ghana. I have discovered a sum of money that is unclaimed. This sum can be re-profiled for our mutual benefit if you agree to work with me. This is just between you and I, and we can split the funds in the ratio of 50/50% apiece.  You will be the recipient and I will show you how we can execute the deal. There is no risk involved and it will be a hitch-free transaction. Let me know if you are able to participate in this so I can provide you with further details. Kindly respond through my personal email address

My regards,

Didan Wanjugu Kimathi

Minggu, 10 Juli 2016


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Kamis, 26 November 2015

Full Data Portfolio

Hi there,
Due to our current circumstances I've decided to close the data business and sell all my data as a complete portfolio for one fixed price.  The databases I have which will be included are:
Big Business File – 645,000 UK Businesses
CEO Contact File – 5,791 records
Academia Contacts File – 297 records
Corporate Companies 50+ Employees – 40,000 records
Directors Contact File – 188,895 records
Facilities Contacts File – 378 records
Finance Contacts File – 20,085 records
Fleet Contacts File – 782 records
HR Contacts File – 12,596 records
IT Contacts File – 10,000 records
Legal Contact File – 1,060 records
Management Contacts File – 85,747 records
Managing Director Contact File – 153,096 records
Marketing Contacts File – 9,574 records
Purchasing Decision Makers – 2,338 records
Training Contacts File – 862 records
UK Estate Agent File – 20,000 records
Residential Landlords File – 80,000 records
Data not listed on website but included:
High Net Worth Individuals – 307,502 records
Pension Transfer Leads – approx. 200,000 records
Personal Debt Leads – 10,000 records
PPI Leads – 44,641 records
Re-mortgage Leads – 400,000 records
Business Mobile Contract Renewals – 9,278 records
UK Hotels – 13,516 records
Manufacturing Companies – 48,884 records
The fixed price for the complete portfolio of databases is £600.
I will be closing sales on Friday of this week (27th November).

Your order is guaranteed for 30 days from your day of purchase.  Therefore should you not be happy for any reason during this time then a full refund will be issued immediately upon request.

To proceed go to and click on the Full Portfolio tab at the top.  Add the Full Portfolio to your cart and continue through the payment process.  Bacs details can be found in the product description if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer. 

All the data is supplied in excel format and is sent by download link to your email address immediately following your order. 

Many thanks

Tel: 01332 806896 Mob: 07738 893708

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Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

What you can learn from Amazon's cloud failures

  July 12, 2012 Published by  

Cloud Provider Essentials
Gina Narcisi, News Writer
Online businesses like Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix recently learned the hard way that the cloud is not invincible during the second Amazon cloud failure in a month. Although other cloud providers may be tempted to enjoy a little schadenfreude, the latest outages underscore some of the disaster recovery (DR) challenges and opportunities all providers face.

For all its redundancy, the cloud is still based on physical equipment -- and physical equipment fails. And even if cloud providers can't control the weather, they must still have a Plan B in case of a cloud outage.


Cloud outage concerns hinder global cloud adoption

Cloud outage and cloud performance concerns are hindering global adoption, says a recent Alcatel-Lucent study. Customers demand transparency and clear service-level agreements (SLAs).

Cloud providers must overcome remote cloud concerns
Geographically remote businesses face difficulty in leveraging cloud. Cloud providers, with the help of carriers and value-added resellers (VARs), can bring cloud services to remote users.

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